Introducing my blog and I


Hiya all, my name is Tasha and I want to be a successful person: at last I say it out loud and can now hold myself accountable to that. I trust whoever stops by here to help me too right!

Now, successful people from the image above do certain things including set goals, learn continuously and forgive others. This forgiveness for me should be total, hence the tagline of my modest blog. Creating a blog and putting it online is a must for me because I created one since 2012, but lost the zeal to write any posts and put same online. I am therefore willing to challenge myself, to embrace change and to keep learning.

WIN_20170824_12_04_39_ProKindly bear with me, I am sort of old school and from Cameroon in Africa where blogging is still reserved for baby boomers. I therefore look forward to discovering many blogs of similar interests, learning and sharing in all love and gratitude, and why not making some mutual and sincere friends in the awesome blogosphere I have heard so much about from those ‘baby boomers’.

I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences on forgiveness and inner peace, my journey through meeting, living and loving the awesome principles of Attitudinal Healing, and my journey with the Cameroon Centre for Attitudinal Healing.

In peace, love and gratitude: Namatse